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The German car manufacturer Volkswagen intends to increase the number of electric and hybrid cars in its service fleet. This is what the Welt newspaper writes today, quoted by DPA and BTA.

According to a company-based publication, the share of electric cars & hybrids among the 20,000 exported cars will follow a significant increase & # 39; increase to ten percent next year.

Volkswagen Chief Executive Herbert Dys wants division managers to drive battery-powered vehicles and new rules for the use of the official fleet to be announced & # 39; up to weeks or months & # 39 ;, according to the company.

At the beginning of 2020 Volkswagen will launch its first fully electric car.

In June, the company announced that it would pay the German authorities a € 1 billion fine due to the scandal with manipulated data on exhaust emissions from diesel cars. Volkswagen admitted in September 2015 that it manipulated the data from the American tests for exhaust emission measurements. The scandal, known as Dieselgate, has resulted in many billions of dollar lawsuits in different countries, and politicians in the US and Europe have paid serious attention to the issue of harmful emissions from diesel engines.

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