Can Kalashnikov compete with Tesla? ::

Can Kalashnikov compete with Tesla?

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The Russian Kalashnikow weapon manufacturer, known for its legendary AK-47, enters the car market with the ambitious goal of competing with American car manufacturer Tesla with the old-fashioned model, inspired by the Soviet era.

Kalashnikov uses the exhibition "Army-2018" in Moscow to show his work not only about weapons but also about cars. The maker of the legendary machine looks at the future because it depends on an electric drive.

"We will develop our own concept of an electric supercar based on different original systems developed by the group", Kalashnikov stated in a statement without specifying when the new vehicle will be sold and how much it will cost.

"This technology allows us to compete with global electric vehicle builders such as Tesla," says the group's press service to RIA Novosti: "We are inspired by the experience of world market leaders for our work," the report said.

The first machine is a small electric car – UV-4, the length of which is 3440 mm long, the width 1530 mm and the height 1730 mm. The weight of an electric car is 650 kg and is not only designed for special clubs, but also for the "civil" market.

The machine is a bit like Renault Twizy and the drive is entrusted to a 68 hp electric motor driven by a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The electric car can develop a maximum speed of 80 km / h and its running of 1 mile is 150 km.

Kalashnikov's second machine is a four-wheeled buggy designed for the needs of the army. The car is called OV-2 and relies on a hybrid drive and can drive up to 4 people, including a driver.

The rear axle of the machine is powered by a combustion engine with a power of 57 hp and the front – with a 75 hp electric motor. The military SUV received spring suspensions with hydraulic shock absorbers. The dimensions are smaller than those of UV-4 – the length is 2900 mm, the width is 1800 mm and the height is 1500 mm.

The care is also finished with an electric motorcycle – SM1, which has also been developed by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The machine develops up to 90 km / h, with a single load of 150 km. The drive is powered by a DC motor with a lithium-ion battery.

The Kalashnikov engineers have mounted a spring-loaded hydraulic shock absorber and a telescopic front fork on the SM1. The length of the motorcycle is 2200 mm and the height is 1300 mm.

Kalashnikov was founded more than 200 years ago and is named after his employee who invented the AK-47 during Soviet times. It has suffered a protracted downturn before it was taken over by the state in 2013 and has recently been privatized.

In the context of Western sanctions against the Russian military-industrial sector, the company started to diversify its production with more and more civil production. It even launches a range of clothing and different goods, from umbrellas to telephones.

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