Cards with cards for children and young people replace the need to carry a bag

The share of debit cards for children and young people in the DSK Bank portfolio is growing, according to the latest data from the financial institution.

When preparing for the new school year, more and more parents prefer to give their children a bank card with which they can make small purchases without having to carry cash. Parents put their wallets on the card for the week or month, and children and teenagers can pay with them at the cash register in a store or withdraw from an ATM, according to DSK.

The data show that nearly 60,000 children and young people use debit cards for children and young people from DSK Bank. Of these, the largest share of 62.5% is the "DSK Max" cards, which are issued to young people aged between 18 and 24 years. DSK Teen cards are followed by 34.2%, which are for children between 14 and 18 years old, and the DSK Start cards, which are intended for the smallest customers of the bank between the ages of 7 and 14 years, are 3.3% of all children's and youth cards issued by DSK Bank.

Additional benefits of debit cards for children, teens and young people are the education of self-reliance, financial discipline and pricing. They are also a convenient way to send money to students who study outside their family.

The bank has provided lower cash withdrawal limits for DSK Start and DSK Teen cards compared to standard debit card limits. Each parent may also impose additional restrictions on their child's card limit if they are younger than 18 years of age. The experts at DSK Bank advise children to keep their notes for withdrawal and payment at POS terminals in shops.

For each age group, the bank offers a choice of four types of designs, two for contact and two for contactless children and youth cards.

Debit card "DSK Start" for children aged 7 and 14 years is exempt from fees for opening and maintaining the current account, issuing the card and withdrawing from DSK Bank ATM. The parent determines how much the child spends because he / she sets the payout limit at the ATM or POS terminal. With DSK Direct and DSK Smart the account is managed quickly and easily – choose when and with what amount the card is loaded with just a few clicks. Wherever the child is – a green school, a sporting event, a trip, etc., the parent can immediately provide the necessary funds, even on a non-working day. DSK Start account is opened in the name of the legal representative (parent or guardian) of the minor child.

"DSK Teen" let teens aged 14 to 18 develop their financial culture by learning how to manage their own budgets. The bank card gives the holder independence, while it offers peace to the parents. Access to DSK Direct enables teenagers to track their transactions. "DSK Teen" account is opened in the name of the minor child with the permission of his or her parent or guardian. The account has no opening and monthly costs. It is also free to withdraw DSK Bank ATM with DSK Teen cards.

Debit card "DSK Max" for young people aged 18 to 24, offers all the functionalities of the standard payment card, but for a considerably lower price. A scholarship, support or money from a student can be earned on the bill, as well as a wage bill. DSK Max allows the holder to use credit credits, training credits or preferential credits within the framework of the DSK Partners program. Young people aged 18 to 24 open a "DSK Max" account on their own. The opening of the account is free and for maintenance and maintenance the youngster only pays BGN 0.50 per month. Withdrawal from DSK Bank ATM also has a lower fee compared to standard payment cards – BGN 0.30 per withdrawal.

If the parents, in addition to making purchases that are traditional before the beginning of each school year, want to give their child DSK Start or DSK Teen, they must go with him to the most suitable for them branch of DSK Bank. . "DSK Max" is issued in each branch of the bank and the young man opens his account. Additional information DSK Bank's debit cards for children and young people can be found at:

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