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Despite the growth of smart labor in the past decade, the enormous variety of models in the market and the wide range of prices, the demand for regular mobile phones without internet access and smart functions, are growing.

Sky News, a British television channel, has released a market analysis in which sales of phones have increased by 5% last year. These are devices that only serve to receive and initiate phone calls, as well as short text messages (SMS), TechNews reports.

The sales of smartphones last year also increased, but only with a small 2%.

According to analysts, the search for phones with physical buttons increases, because some users are simply tired of smartphones that take too much personal time.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the damage caused by the blue light of smartphones on sight, especially when the devices are used at night. More and more children and even adults become addicted to smartphones, which not only take up a large part of their time, but are also harmful to health, particularly damage the eyes.


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