How Muss has won $ 1 billion for short sellers ::

<img src = "" alt = "Ilus Musk & # 39; s tumultuous outburst for his" most painful year "has a deeply stamped on the stock market, Tesla & # 39; s shares lost nearly nine percent of its value on Friday after the company's CEO described his disappointing and exhausting efforts in Tesla in an interview with the New York Times, and now they can be happy with those accusing Musk of their growing stress – the short-selling sellers who depend on the decline in Tesla's share price

Mssk honestly tells in his newspaper interview about his stressful everyday life and complains about the high price it pay for it. "" Last year was the hardest and most painful thing in my career, "he admitted," hard to bear ". Sometimes he did not leave Tesla & # 39; s headquarters for days. I had to take medication to sleep.

The 47-year-old entrepreneur also talks about the failed search for a deputy who could take part of his work, he met Facebook vice-president Sheryl Sandberg, Mssk admits a newspaper If there is someone who can do the job she would like to be her.

During the interview, Mukk showed an unusual level of self-respect and vulnerability, realizing that his personal sacrifices are his responsibilities. said that he had used Twitter's social platform as a "achieving transparency in the decision of a similar caliber."

In his interview with the New York Times Musk also said that she had angry calls or messages from " deceived "investors and directors have received.

Finally, he pointed out that he already felt sorry for tweeting, intending to stop using the social platform

Some board members have already advised him to limit his attention to social platforms and to concentrate on the production of electric cars and to launch missiles in orbit around the earth

The reason for the interview was the mysterious message to the mouse more than a week ago he announced that he wants to turn the leaf producer into a private company. The funding is secured, he said on Twitter on 7 August. As a prize, he calls $ 420 per share. At the same time, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating the case of suspected price manipulation.

After the statement in the social network, the shares rose by 11%, causing sellers to hate Muss. That same day they lost $ 1.3 billion. But Musk was the one who caused much of this loss to recover.

Because his tearful interview led to a stock collapse of up to $ 306 in cash. These decreases are profit for those who have suffered heavy losses for his tweety. According to the New York Times, they have collected more than $ 1 billion – almost as much as they have lost in advance.

With regard to the short-selling shares of Tesla, he was also prepared for the worst, he told the newspaper. "For at least a few months I have been trained in extreme torture practices where sellers tell stories about the collapse of Tesla." That he himself would elicit such stories through his interview, apparently did not.

Mskk also predicted that the worst has passed for Tesla from an entrepreneurial point of view. But for him personally, "the worst in terms of personal pain is yet to come."

He can be right with the last one. "Tesla's stock are among the best-selling short positions in the US, more than a quarter of Tesla's market value, which is approximately $ 11 billion, is sold in short positions, according to a report from S3 Partners. that bet on Tesla is growing …

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