Hyundai & # 39; s autonomous truck traveled 40 km South Korean highway

South Korea's first high-speed truck trip was held, Hyundai Motor Company reported.

Xcient – the truck of the car company, with a maximum capacity of 40 tons, went about 40 kilometers between Wywang and Inchon.

The vehicle made its journey on Tuesday with the help of an autonomous propulsion system. This allows him to speed up, slow down, manage and maneuver traffic without needing a driver. Yet, behind the wheel, he had a man to take the lead when needed.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea has granted Hyundai a temporary permit for the demonstration. This is the first time that a heavy truck gets such a license.

During the demonstration, the truck reached 40 kilometers in one hour. Hyundai said that "future tests of autonomous navigation technology are planned".

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