Ilon Musk revealed why he had left instagram – blitz

Ilon Musk confirmed the news that he voluntarily removed his Instagram account. In his twister he hinted that he was just tired. Asked about the reason why he had removed his account and if the reason was not that he wanted to focus on Tesla, Muss said: "I did not like it." This was reported by Gizmo.

On the day that consumers noticed that the Musk profile did not open, the entrepreneur told the press that he had removed the profile himself. Later he suggested that social networks have nothing to do with Tesla and he has removed the profile because he & # 39; d really like it.

According to the media, the businessman removed his profile because of a scandal with the rapper Azilia Banks, who visited his house. Before he removed his account, Mouse and his girlfriend left Grimes and stopped to follow.

Translation: BLISTER

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