Mercedes revives the legend of Silver Arrow, but electric

The legendary "Silver Arrow" from Mercedes has been revived – only on electricity. The Germans presented yesterday in Pebble Beach the concept EQ Silver Arrow, directly inspired by his predecessor in 1937, wrote

The then famous W 125 Rekordwagen, set by Rudolf Karachola, reached a record speed of 432.7 km / h, an improvement that was only improved in 2017 by Koenigsegg.

His distant successor, displayed in Pebble Beach, is completely electric and implies that the company will seriously deal with high-speed flow models in the future. As a design he remembers the original Rekordwagen with its balloon cockpit, the enormous bonnet and the vertical back.

But there are also elements from the 21st century, such as the LED strip of the headlights or the carbon fiber splitter. Apart from where the original car was the exhaust, now is the EQ emblem – the new electric range from Mercedes. At the rear there are two removable spoilers that can also act as an air brake. The rims are 24-inch front and 26-inch behind.

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