Renault or Dacia: the name is "Secret" – Automotive News

Renault has unveiled the name of its new crossover, the presentation of which will take place in Moscow on 29 August. The car, which will be displayed at the Moscow Motor Show, will be called Arkana, which is secret. means and aims to associate the car with a new, mysterious, innovative style.

The sale of Renault Arkana starts next year and the model will occupy a special place in the brand's range. Renault Arkana will be something like a coupe crossover CUV, it will be made on the Global Access (B0) platform and will look like Captur.

The car will actually be a coupe version of Captur, but it will be bigger and more stylish. Originally the model will be sold in Russia, China, Brazil and South Korea. It is not clear whether Renault Arkana will be sold in Europe, and if it becomes a fact, it will not fall under the Dacia brand.

Doubts arise from the fact that in Russia and some other markets all Dacia models are sold under the Renault brand and all current models of the Romanian brand are built on the B0 platform.

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