Rolls-Royce Phantom's soundproofing coupe is the perfect place for your business deals

If you are someone who can arrange a driver Rolls-Rolls-Royce PhantomYou are probably someone who does not want others to listen to your phone calls and business deals. Recognizing this need, Rolls-Royce now offers a new version of its Phantom Extended Wheelbase Limousine with an additional soundproof passenger compartment.

called out Privacy Suite, the option installs a fixed window between the two front seats and the spacious rear compartment. Unlike the sliding window limousines, the Privacy Suite glass is fixed in place. Passengers can instead press a button to make the electrochromic glass opaque or transparent, depending on the how much personal space is needed.

This is a similar technology on the roof Magic Sky Control, offered by some Mercedes models. There is also an opening for transferring documents between the front and rear of the vehicle. Undoubtedly documents with just as confidential information.

The sound isolator pays special attention to it mute the sound frequencies that are most related to the conversations. The driver can communicate with his driver at any time via an intercom system. However, the driver must also "invite" the passengers in the rear seats, who may decide to accept or reject the communication from him.

Include other features in the Rolls-Royce Privacy Kit two 12-inch monitors with HDMI ports to connect laptops or other devices, the Starlight Headliner option and an analog clock on request. Curtains and darkened rear windows are also included for even more customer data protection in the back seat.

The Privacy Suite will be shown at the Chengdu Motor Show in China and will soon be included in the Phantom Extended Wheelbase.

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