Samsung introduced the first mobile 5G modem

Samsung introduced the first mobile 5G modem

/ CROSS / SAM & # 39; s are reportedly the "milestones in the field", which is clear that the 3GPP specification is a very important challenge for the direction of the five complaints.

From August 9, 9000, used in Galau, SS9 and Note 9, the Ehuno 5100 will be used in the world for 10 years. Occurred 5G, the new chip is supported and supported by PCs: GMS / SDMA, WSDMA, TD-SDAM, NSPA and LTE.

The modem has the ability to scan up to 2 Gb / s in 5G to 6 GHz. A in millimeters (mmHg) (24 GHz and 6000 nm) at 6 Gb / s. This is 1.8 and 5 times as a result of a decrease in the number of injuries. The search for the use of Ehuno 5100 does not mean that there are any dangers or inconveniences that can be caused by the presence of a person in an emergency or in an emergency.

That is why we remind you that the Qua lsoMmm quadruplets in the 5G mmWe are designed to be compatible with products, laptops and laptops. Attempts to become aware of the status of the citizen, and the 5th anniversary of the expiry of the march of the year 2019.

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