Sport | The new director of Ferrari has announced that the team will not leave Formula One

The new director of the

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Ferrari "stays in Formula 1 even after 2020, according to the new CEO of the team, Luis Camillier, to replace the late Sergey Markieon, who died at the end of July with complications after the operation.

Former head of the Scuderia and Fiat-Chrysler group has threatened the Formula 1 that the most successful team in the sport will leave. Markieon was firmly in his position after he was not satisfied with the rules that arose after 2020. It is then that the current Concorde agreement is over.

Camillairi said he would not change the structure drastically and would be very reluctant to the operational director of the team, Maurizio Arivabane. With regard to leaving Formula 1, he made a sharp turn in the position of the Scuderia.

"I am confident that we will make a deal and Ferrari will continue to be part of the championship and after 2020 Ferrari has always been part of Formula 1, we are part of the DNA of this sport," said Camillier.

According to him, however, it is necessary to make agreements on three aspects: technical rules, financial results and competition.

"I have a different approach than my predecessor Markieon, but we both have the same passion to make Ferrari a successful team, and we have always been very respectful to each other," said the new boss.

He also expressed his satisfaction with the way Ferrari is present in the championship. The team is in the battle for the title of pilots and constructors, and the weekend is the domestic competition for the Grand Prix of Italy.

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