Surprise: Kalashnikov will compete with Tesla with an electric car similar to "Moskvich" – BLITS

The Kalashnikov Concern started with the development of an electric supercar technology. The concept is based on several original systems made by Kalashnikov, according to the press service of the concern, quoted by the news agencies.

"This technology will enable us to be on an equal footing with global manufacturers of electric vehicles such as Tesla and to compete with them." In creating our concept, we were inspired by the experience of world market leaders, "added the company. to it.

For the time being, the idea of ​​the supercar is embodied in the concept car of CV-1 on the basis of the IG-21252 "Combi" body, which is regarded as the test basis of the new systems.

The advanced CVV-1 was introduced on the Apia-2018 cross-media and they all noticed that many of them were popular.

However, what lies beneath the old design and more photo's of CV-1 read in

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