The prices of major grain contracts on the world markets continued to fall

The prices of major grain contracts on world fairs have also continued to fall this week. This decrease is mainly due to the revised estimates of new harvest quantities that are more abundant than previous expectations. A month ago we saw a significant increase, so the current price levels are self-correction and market stabilization. In Chicago, wheat fell by 7.00 US dollars to 223.00 USD / ton, in France by 3 euros to 211.00 euros / ton. There was no change in Ukraine, and in Russia there were minus $ 1.80 to $ 232.00 per ton. For maize, the price change in Chicago also fell by $ 7.00 to $ 165.00 / ton, in France and Russia the prices fell by $ 3.00 and $ 6.50 to $ 193.00 per ton and € 182.00. per ton. Rape in the European Union / Euronext / this time also "reduced" 5.00 euros and was listed at 378.00 euros / ton and barley in France and Germany decreased by minus 3.00 and 1.00 euros to 210.00 and 214.00 euros / ton.

Unrefined sunflower oil continued to decline, with a further minus $ 10.00 to a price of 725.00 USD / ton, and refined sugar continued to fall and also fell from $ 5.20 to $ 306.00 / ton. Prices are from Rotterdam for oil and London for sugar respectively.

In Bulgaria in the "Grain" circle of Sofia Commodity Exchange AD, the prices of the contracts remained stable. There is an abundant amount of bread wheat at 405.00-410.00 leva per ton in response to big questions (more than 33,000 tons), of which the starting price is 310.00 leva per ton. Voergerst is looking for 280.00 leva / ton, the offer is 310.00 leva / ton. For corn, there were only "buy" bids at a starting price of 220.00 leva per ton. All prices are exclusive of VAT.
In the circle "Foodstuff" the prices of the main raw materials remain unchanged, there is an offer of peanuts and walnuts with a scale at a starting price of 3500 and 3400 BGN / ton.

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