The problems of Ilon Musk banker

August 17 was a nightmare for the maker of Tesla's electric car. The company's stock fell by as much as 9 percent, and the chief executive was Ilon Musk, whose serious problems were detailed at the New York Times.

Since June 2016, the shares of Tesla have been written off by 21 percent. They lost 16% of their value after August 7, Muk announced in Twitter that they would write off the company and get the necessary financing.

On Friday, before the New York Times, the developer admitted that he was "meticulous" last year, "the most difficult and painful" of his career.

The publication announces that Tesla's directors will meet representatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission next week.

The publication also mentions that the board is concerned about the medicines that Muck accepts. Sources claim that the businessman uses drugs because he can not sleep. And this can be reflected in his activity in the field of social networks.

The Exchange Commission examines Tesla's privatization information by considering the possibility of market manipulation by Ilon Musk.

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