ABBA has postponed the film and the album for 2019

The legendary Swedish band ABBA postponed the release of the first new music for 35 years and the BBC documentary marked the event for 2019, according to a news agency. The film had to be released in December, but its premiere will be postponed because the new song "I Still Have Faith In You" is not finished yet.

Stars Benny Anderson, Agnita Feltscook, Bjorn Ulvewes and Annie-Fried Lungsta provoked fans with Do not Shut Me Down, their first new 35-year-old song for their upcoming April tour, but Benny's songwriter has already shown festive event slows down. program until 2019 to complete the songs. He told the Daily Star newspaper: "It was planned for the end of this year, but I think we are talking about the beginning of the next, and I am very proud of both songs, one on a 1970s pop song. eternal. "The organizers commented that the show would be titled" Thank you for the music ", as the group's eponymous hit, and the Hitmeters gathered for a holographic tour that the four members will see, designed as avatars .Benny hinted that another, third song could be released after making the tour he doubted the release of a full album unless there was "a very good reason". "Making another album is just like making Mama Mia 3 – what's the point unless there's a good reason, good band, good environment," the musician commented, and the group that's glorified after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 will enable fans to see the biggest hits and new songs on their digital tour with computer-made Abbatars. Announcement of dates will be before 2019 or next year.

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