Argento for sex with Jimmy Bennett: he asked her to prepare him for an audition and …

Italian actress and director Asia Argentetti openly admitted that she had sexual contact with actor Jimmy Bennett, surrendered to world agencies.

Bennett accused Argento some time ago of the sexual assault that she committed against him when he was 17 years old. Then Argentetto paid him several hundred thousand dollars to settle the matter, the actor said.

Argentetti denied these accusations, but in a private telephone conversation she shared with her interlocutor that Bennett had taken her to a hotel room. Now, in an interview with Italian television, La Sute told Argentine that she had had sex with Bennett.

She told her that she knew Bennett since he was a child. She saw their relationship as such between mother and son. They saw each other again in 2013 when she was 37 years old and he was 17 years old.

Bennett asked her to help him prepare for an audition. When she went to the hotel with him, he began to kiss and feel her, but not as a child like her mother, as she perceived it, but as a boy with angry hormones, the actress said. "It froze me," Argento said.

"He literally jumped in. He was on me and had an orgasm, I did not feel anything, I did not respond because it was unthinkable for me," she added.

"He told me that this was his dream since he was 12. He was a hunting trophy for him," added Argento.

There followed months in which Bennett sent intimate video images to the actress via the Snakes platform. She did not dare to break with him because she regretted it. But last winter, he asked her $ 3.5 million to stop telling her about their sexual intercourse.

Then Argentetto turned to her friend Anthony Bourdain, a culinary expert and TV presenter who committed suicide in June. Bourdane agreed to pay part of the sum to get Arjenton out of the youth.

He paid $ 250,000. After his suicide, Asia stopped because he did not agree with them. "What hurt me most was that I was treated like a pedophile," added the deeply upset actress.

She showed in the broadcast and the messages she had exchanged with Bourdain about the blackmail of Bennett. Argentec confirmed that her meeting with Bennett was in a hotel in California, where 18 years of age had been sex by mutual consent. She said she did not know that Bennett had not reached this age in 2013 because she had not seen him in 10 years.

Moreover, she did not at all think about the laws of California when she met Bennett because she did not see her as a meeting between love and sex. Speaking of the Bourdain's suicide, Argentetto told her that she had been desperate and that she was literally in the abyss. She said she felt guilty because she had not seen that his pain had sucked him to suicide.

Because of the scandal Argenteu was thrown out of the jury of the Italian realities X Factor. At the end of the TV interview she asked to return to reality.

Argenteu was one of the first actresses to accuse the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual violence in 1997 when she was 21 years old.

Last week Bennett gave an interview for the same TV channel, in which he repeated his accusations against Argento.

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