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The 56-year-old actress Marcia Ann Cross, who was famous for her role as Brian Van de Cam in the series Desperate Housewives, has made a stunning photo.

The reason for this was the treacherous disease that came to the Hollywood star some time ago. Cross suffered from anus cancer.

Although the actress successfully passes the treatment, she continues to suffer from the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

The mother of two children shared the photo in her personal Instagram profile and wrote: "I thank everyone who has supported me, I am honestly happy that I am alive, but I am sad because my hair is no longer chemotherapy and now has about one inch is long, I look almost bald ".

Marcia Ann Cross thanked all her followers and fans for the enormous support she received from her during her fight against cancer.

She also said that she feels "liberated, liberated and completely self".

The anal cancer that goes with it is not one of the 20 most common cancers in the UK. However, it represents less than one percent of all new cases of cancer.

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