entertainment Fortisimo Fest starts a tour in September

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In September, Fortisimo Fest starts a tour through three cities: Razgrad, Vratsa and Sofia. It includes the participation of the Sofia and Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as famous musicians and actors, inform the organizers.

Fortisimo Fest presents classical music, Bulgarian folklore and film music with conductor Maestro Maxim Eskenazi. The concerts take place on September 12 in Razgrad for the mosque "Makbl Ibrahim Pasha", in Vratsa on September 14 for the sports complex "Hristo Botev" and in Sofia on September 16 for the Ivan Vazov National Theater. Concerts start at 8 pm and receive free admission.

Some participants in the event are Donny, Svetlin Rusev, Mihaela Filleva, Slavin Slavchev, Georgy Andreev, the Cosmic Voices Choir of Vanya Moneva, Mihaela Marinova, Nevena Peikova and the actors Anna Papadopoulou and Julian Vergov.

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