Financial nightmares: Ivana with an emergency of the NRA, Irina Florin declared bankrupt! Who & # 39; s Still Under the Knife (PHOTO) – BLISTER

The year was a nightmare for three of our most famous singers – Ivana received a distraction from the NRA, Irina Florin announced a bankruptcy and Reni's account is zero.

Already in the spring, the singer of the Plovdiv received tax a disturbing message for the music company, whereby she captures her stage involvement – Megastar Music EOOD. The public performer of TD from NRA Plovdiv Teodora Andreeva wrote to the singer that on the basis of art. 203, para. 8 of the TIPCC issues a decision imposing precautionary measures in connection with public obligations The operator will be aware of the interests held by the debtor 100 in Megastar Music at 5000 BGN.

Ivana earns 6000 leva for only an hour and 15 minutes on stageand if he is with his band, he gets 10 pounds. For 2017. has stated that they have earned 107,000 BGN, so it is surprising that they have not paid 5% of the taxes, writes Telegraph.

Her colleague Irina Florin issued the bankruptcy on 7 August 2018 she wrote in the documents of her company IF. The singer wrote to the city council of Sofia and claimed that she was in fact unable to repay her obligations to her creditors. The current total debts amount to 15,000.

The folk singer Reni goes bankrupt, which in its annual financial report "Reni Music" has announced that it is zero. So far the income for 2017, but only a year ago it had been 92,000 leva. She then took part in VIP Broder and took a good compensation. The sunset of the star started after her divorce with businessman Boris Pilosof, who literally took everything and had to start with her two children.

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