French actress accused Gerard Depardio of rape (Obzor)

Four years ago Gerard Depardio took a film in Bulgaria. The people who worked with him said he was an excellent professional. IMAGE: ALEXANDER DIMITROV

The actor had touched his colleague twice in seven days

Gerard Depardio was another celebrity who was accused of rape. On August 27, a French actress filed a complaint that her famous colleague had raped her and committed a sexual assault against her. The victim is 22 years old and the alleged crime happened in the Paris apartment of Gerard Depardio.

The incident, however, was not one but two. The young actress found herself in the apartment of the star for the first time on August 6th. He then visited him a week later – the 13th. There is no mention of why the victim returned after the violence, to receive a second part of sexual harassment. It is unclear why she has thought so long and only complained on 27 August.

The Paris Public Prosecution Service has begun a first investigation into these allegations. The attorney of Gerard Depardieu, Herve Themis, said that the actor refused any form of rape and all kinds of attacks.

It will still be clear whether the illogical actions of the action are dictated by a desire to get glory.

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