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"VIP Brother" caused a break in the family of Gloria, and the producers of the show invited the daughter of the folk singer and Simona Zagorova accepted the offer, but she made her mother seriously angry, now the two ladies do not speak, and they life even under the same roof De Sterk moved to Kardzhali, where her father Ilia Zagorov is making his summer vacation, writes Weekend.

Gloria has repeatedly received suggestions for performances at VIP Broder. And she always turned them off because she did not want to be involved in the intrigues of the show. She thinks that the audience should only see her at once – as a singer on stage, and she also thinks about her daughter. Roussac is concerned that realism can have a negative influence on the reputation of young Simona. Mrs. Zagorova won the most prestigious Bulgarian "Bourgas and Sea" contest this year and for now there is an impeccable reputation among the public and in the music circles, but will it be after "VIP-brother"? "The Big Brother" sets up huge room traps for the roommates and is a hero if someone can stay undefined in the house.

"Simona swore to her mother that she would not be crowned in the show, but she could not comfort Gloria. The first of the people, and now it is clear that her daughter can never be in Niko Tuparev's show, "said a well-informed source.

She added that her old friend was also the participation of the young singer to VIP Broder. Zagorova also argued with him after he had not received his support. "If you do not understand, it is best to divorce," she told her friend. Gloria's 21-year-old daughter is ambitious to perform well in the house and strives to get into a perfect physical shape before the start of Reality # 1. She goes to the gym every day and, according to acquaintances, a new lover. Simona was aware that an audience of more than 1.5 million viewers would make her one of the most popular ladies in show business, and so she would come out of the shadow of her powerful mother.


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