How did Asia Argento change from a victim to a #meToo executioner?

The former of Anthony Bourdain has been accused of sexual abuse of a boy

"This middle finger is for those Italians, I repeat – Italians who accuse me of looking up to myself the violence I have suffered as a girl.I have not escaped and have not complained before.Women like you are women afraid to tell truth, I have received compassion and solidarity from the rest of the world, and in my country I am called … You are ashamed of everything, you are monsters. "

This "nice" comment from Asia & # 39; s Argentine, the "poor girl" of Italian cinema, depicted in an angry installation with a middle finger, was her moral verdict on Italians with critical accents who did not believe her role last year.

Many were indignant at how Asia became the leader of the # MeToo movement, which accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse, 5 years after the violence she was still a friend of the producer with whom she appeared on the red carpet in Cannes , and he also made 4 films with him. Asia said that

slept with Wynstein

in the name of

your career

Should she really do it – the daughter of the famous director, Dario Argenteu, who was filming in a 9-year-old cinema, critics were critical.

Less than a year after the birth of the American Sex Trafficking Movement #MeToo, the New York Times threw the "bomb" that, in fact, became violent to a violent one. This was revealed by actor and singer Jimmy Bennett, 20 years younger than Asia.

He claims that he was raped in California in 2013 when he was 17 years old. In this state, sex with a minor is punishable by imprisonment.

Who is the 22-year-old Jimmy Bennett? Promises for a career in the cinema sparkle in his youth. As is often the case with many mortals, they evaporate with adolescence and end up alone and without money. Jimmy is no longer supported by Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis, who initially admire and then forget him. Nevertheless, there is a relationship that opposes that of Asia Argente, which was in 2004

when he is 7 years old,

choose him to play

her son

in his film: "Deaf heart is more than anything else".

The 29-year-old Arganto takes Jimmy under his wing. The two remain in constant contact. Jimmy also plays in other films, but the sunset gradually falls for him. So in 2011 he decided to try rock music. It was during this period that the new atmosphere in Asia was born. The two meet at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, California on May 9, 2013. Asia writes in his installation profile "I am waiting for my lost son, my love, Jimmy Bennett," and he answers "I am almost there. "Then they both do it

the farmers of the background

on sheets and sheets

To kiss

in the bed. At that time, Jimmy complained to his mother and her new husband because they had thrown him out of the house and had taken him $ 1.5 million.

In 2017 the scandal broke out with Harvey Weinstein, the # MeToo movement was born and Asia was one of its leading figures in the world.

"Seeing her as a victim was too much, so suddenly all the memories and emotions of the aggression have returned," Jimmy Bennett's lawyer wrote in the newspapers of the New York Times. Hotel events that day will be re-published in a new version. Jimmy arrived there with a family member who was sent away. Asia offered to drink Jimmy and showed him the words written for him, the dock waited for him. Then they kissed each other, they had sex in bed (he was 17, she was 37) and they made the village. Jimmy's lawyer says that afterwards, while the boy was taken home from his relatives, he felt


and disgusting

This episode influenced his mental state and his whole life further, since his acting career collapsed. Jimmy also has problems with drugs, and because of them in 2014 his parents are chasing him home. Against Jimmy there is a complaint about the intimidation of the police by his former boyfriend actress in 2015. She tells her that when she was a minor, 18-year-old Jimmy forced her to shoot naked to publish her photo's in Snapchat .

And so comes November 2017. Jimmy decides to solve his drama in person – he wants money from Asia to remain silent. Eventually he gets $ 380,000 on his bill. At the time, Asia was a friend of the world-famous American chef and TV star Anthony Bourdain, who was hanged in June 2018.

Two days after the current New York Times, Asia Argentio declared that she was deeply shocked and shocked. through completely fake news. "I never had sexual contact with Bennett." Shortly thereafter, the TMZ website published a screenshot of communication between Asia and Bourdain in which she wrote: "It was not violence, I was frozen and he was over me after he told me that I had been his sexual fantasy since he was 12 years old. ". In another message to another "friend", who apparently is not as friendly as he gives it to journalists, Asia writes: "I had sex with him (Jimmy – ba), it was strange, I did not know he was a minor ". TMZ also publishes the two of them, head to head, on a pillow. One of these photos was handed over to Asia in the context of her financial deal with Bennett.

Anthony Bourdain, who maintained Asia without reservation before his death, and her positions in #MeToo – that paparazzi days before his suicide was published

photos from Asia

intimate postures with young

French journalist

in Rome, the actress asked Bennett to pay for problems. "Anthony was worried about the negative advertising that could have brought us", says Asia. Bourdain can not confirm or deny that he is already dead.

& # 39; You do not pay for his silence, only letting go of annoyances. And to help a poor and tormented fool to strengthen his life, "he said

Anthony Bourdain and

paid out of his pocket

are $ 380,000

Asia and Anthony had been together for a year at the time since they met during a series of Chefs in Rome. The Italian Anthony has a daughter from his previous wife. Everyone then said that he was in love with a teenager in Asia.

The latest series in the Jimmy-Asia affair was nowadays written by Jimmy Bennett himself. In a message to the New York Times he says that he has been silent up to now and admits that he has decided to solve his problem with Asia personally. "At that time I was a minor and I was scared, but my trauma came back when Asia was incarnated as a victim, and now I decided to continue, but not with silence."

What happens to the Rome born in 1975? Asia Argenteu – a director, actress, screenwriter, singer, TV presenter, winner of several David Donatello films? How daughter of director Dario Argenteu and actress Daria Nikolodi, the mother of two children of 17 and 10 years old (from singer Morgan and director Michele Civetta), come out of the mess where she gets involved? The first decision of Asia was to withdraw from participation in a Dutch music festival. Another consequence, but so far, is that the Italian satellite channel "Sky" no longer participates in the X Factor jury, which should start in September.

Many wonder how this will affect # MeToo traffic.

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