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The fan of different generations, Ivan Laskin, has tended him for health because of the systemic use of alcohol. His friend, Funky, took his wife with him after his wife Alex Surchadjieva found him in a bad state, writes Telegraph.

Some versions reported liver failure, others had problems with the esophagus. But many wonder how Vasco da Gama is kissed by the muses as a talent and charm brought here. Near him justifies the actor has experienced a huge tragedy that had let him collapse lately – his father Slavcho died in the middle of August at the age of 70. His claims say that he has since gone into a severe depression the world has left.

With health, however, the colorful Laskin is intermittently intermittent. In 2016, for a performance in Pleven, he again had a mysterious crisis and was taken to an ambulance in a pre-hospital state. Last year he emerged as an emergency during his participation in the Fermata show, from which he later issued a diplomatic statement that his condition was due to dehydration, high blood pressure and he was stung by an ax.

Six years ago he confessed to air that he was suffering from alcoholism. and has taken measures to heal, a male act that few dare to do. He was drunk for the first time when he was 15 years old. Now he knocked for consolation.

"I am capable, I am never married, I have not failed a performance, but I am a big drunk and an alcoholic," says the artist.

Because there was little work in recent years, Laskin was personally on Facebook and he wrote about topical socio-political topics. He was also a duty commentator in reality because of his peppery, rudimentary language.


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