Legends Rod Stewart and Bonnie Taylor prepare a big surprise for Christmas – BLITZ

The British legend Sir Rod Stewart and the Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler record a secret duet album that probably arrives on Christmas, writes The Sun.

Rod and Bonnie are known all over the world with their hoarse voice and millions of fans around the world. The idea came to Stuart, who suddenly called Tyler and asked her what he would say if they had a duet together. Bonnie responded positively and went even further – and why only one, not a whole duet-tray? And to sing classical hits for groups such as Queen, The Beatles or Elton John

The two stars have now agreed to Freddie Mercury's Somebody to Love & # 39; and Barry White & # 39; s & # 39; White Christmas & # 39; to play with. [19659003] Sir Rod will release his new solo album "Blood Red Roses" on September 28th.

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