Megan and Harry still have no children, but in the future they may not have rights to them

In May, Prince Harry and Megan Markel became a family and their fans are already waiting for the news that they are waiting for heirs. The assumptions that the former Star of the Costume series is already pregnant are numerous. Recently she was told that even her hair told her that she was expecting a child because she did not die anymore.

Official information about such an event is therefore not given. However, Megan and Harry will not educate their future children independently.

The reason is that their rights to their heirs are very limited, says OK Magazine. There is a rule in the royal family – Elizabeth II gets full legal custody of her young grandchildren.

This law exists and has been in force since 1700, introduced by King George I. He signed a decree because he had a very bad relationship with his son George II and wanted to betray the throne of his grandson. Yet his son inherited him.

But this strange law is still in effect for the children of Prince William – George, Charlotte and Louis, the notes of the newspaper. And although their parents have taken care of their children, they can not take them on holiday or on a business trip without the queen's permission.

Incidentally, the Duchess of Cambridge may not have access to the children in a possible divorce with Prince William.

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