Megan Mark in the footsteps of Diana – began to walk on the nerves of the queen – Blitz

Prince Harry and Megan Marcel attended a humanitarian meeting in London's West End, where they watched the Hamilton musical. The pair participates in raising funds for Sentebale, founded by Harry in 2006.

This association ensures the well-being of children and young people in Lesotho and Botswana with HIV.

Megan surprised the audience with the choice of clothing. She appeared in a black dress on her knees and the British media wrote again because they ignored the dress code again. They pointed out that Queen Elizabeth II would certainly not be happy if she saw the duchess mini dress of Sussex. Megan was also criticized by his fans.

"I thought the queen liked to keep skirts on her knees, and it was strange that Megan behaved more respectfully before she married Prince Harry, and it does not belong to the royal family, it looks cheap," said the royal fans. . But there were those on Megan's side dressed in a dress from the Canadian fashion house Judith and Charles.

"Bravo, a little sore royal family." Kate Middleton often wore a dress over her knees and no one asked a question, "they write.

Translation: BLISTER

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