Monica Bellucci on 54: Her Secrets of Beauty

Monica Bellucci is without doubt one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. Which woman would not like to look like 54? What are the secrets of beauty of Monica Bellucci?

Monica Bellucci on 54: Her Secrets of Beauty
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The beauty of Monica Bellucci is enchanting, especially because of the enormous dose of Italian charm, passion and charms with which it is decorated. Without plastic surgery and without the magic of a photo shop, Monica Bellucci looks fantastic.

She knows she is beautiful and does not waste time on her shortcomings, but she relies on spiritual self-perfection, convinced that beauty comes from within.

The hot actress has her own little secrets of beauty that she maintains her natural beauty.

Monica Bellucci for hair care

The small secret of maintaining it is to wash it twice a week, but no more than to prevent it from being too much squished and at the same time not losing the natural shine. While she puts the shampoo on her hair, she dilutes it with water beforehand. She prefers to let her hair dry only, instead of putting her hair on the hot stove, but if she is in a hurry to get out, she has to do it. In addition, Monica Bellucci always puts olive oil on the ends of the hair before washing.

Monica Belluci at 54

Monica Bellucci for skin and cosmetics

Monika Bellucci starts each morning with a cool shower. She pays a lot of attention to hydration of the skin, likes to use refreshing agents, tonics and facial masks that give her a fresh and brilliant appearance during the day. Prefer cosmetic products with light textures.

Monica Bellucci prefers "natural make-up"

Monica Belluci is not a fan of the strong and light make-up. Typically, she puts a little background of tones, marks her eyes with a pencil and spiral, puts lipstick on the lips, a little powder and blush, and is done.

Monica Bellucci prefers

Monica Belluci is not in favor of diet and fitness

Monica Bellucci practices yoga every day because she believes that the body and mind fills. She swims 4 days a week for about 45 minutes. She feeds herself healthy and her drink during the day is water.

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