Morning rituals of the successful

It is a pity, however, that the majority of people prefer to identify themselves with the vision and provocative characteristics of the character of the celebrity, rather than the qualities that have helped them reach the top. That is how our mind works

But precisely for this reason we want to emphasize the values ​​and rituals of the halo, which would make ourselves more effective and successful.

American reporter Benjamin Spall has spoken with more than 300 personalities who occupy prestigious and high positions in society and business, writes Among these people was Pixar's president and Walt Disney Animations Studio, a threefold Olympic gold medalist, writers, singers and others.

His goal was to learn the habits and rituals of these people, and discovered that

No social networks

Most of the interviewed people have said that they do not use social networks at all or check their profile at least 2-3 hours after getting up [19659003]   Photo 320012

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Lying and standing with eyes on Facebook or In stagram, is crucial to our psyche and mood. The longer we wait for social networks after getting up, the more we can feel the rest of our sleep feeling in the first hours of the night

Time for me

The time spent in privacy in the morning, is an extremely important factor if we want to be focused, conceptual and effective all day, the successful say.

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Some of them prefer to read a book for an hour while drinking coffee, others meditating and yoga. The unifying elements are the inner gaze, the peace and the fact that we are alone with ourselves.

Morning is a wonderful time to clarify and balance our minds, and to control the flow of thoughts from the early days

Successful people swear by the magic of the movement early in the morning before everyone has become.

Whether we are talking about running in the park, swimming, morning sweeping or an hour in the gym, it is important to include active movement in the morning program.

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Source: iStock [19659003] After standing still all night, the targeted activation of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system gives us a flying start and makes us more resilient in stressful situations

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