: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra celebrated involvement in rituals in India

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra celebrated their engagement with a trip to Mumbai, India.

Lovers took the opportunity to introduce their parents to the grounds, not to miss a few traditional local customs for a happy family life. So they confirmed the status of their relationship for the first time.

In particular, Jonas and Chopra dressed in traditional Indian costumes, and a preacher who blessed their engagement, arrived on the spot. "This is the only way we can and we want to do it – for our family and for God. Thanks for the good wishes!", Wrote the future bride in the social networks under a series of photos of the event [19659003] We remind you that the singer and actress were engaged only two months after the spark of their spark. "Nick's friends and friends have never seen him so happy and are very enthusiastic about him and he accepts his relationship with Priyanka very seriously," she wrote to people close to the couple.

Chopra is another slim lady in Nick's list. In January he had a brief affair with actress Demi Moore, who was thirty years older than he was. The 25-year-old singer has maintained romantic relationships with Kate Hudson and the Australian performer Delta Gudrem

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