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After the celebration of Bulgarian folklore from Macedonia last year, Nikolina Chakardakova and her husband yesterday picked up in his home village Gotse Delchev a lush sister of his son Vassil, the same happened with his daughter Maria.

A restaurant in a famous complex welcomed the newlyweds – the beautiful bride Maria and her chosen Simeon, their parents and the many guests. The pleasure that started in the afternoon continued until the beginning of Sunday. Of course, a special musical greeting for the young was given by the famous mother of the bride, elegantly dressed in a long dress.

For years, Maria walked confidently in her mother's footsteps – as a schoolgirl, she and her mother set the stage for thousands and never felt ashamed of her. It turned out that the son-in-law Simeon, in addition to being a manager in a financial institution and well advanced in martial arts, is able to be very fascinating and fun.

In an old nevrocopic tradition, the happy bride holds a baby during the photo session, which turned out to be the daughter of her brother, the little Niccolina, named after her famous grandmother.

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