Princes William and Harry announced the culprits of the tragic death of Princess Diana – BLITZ

Prince Harry admitted that he considered the paparazzi guilty of the tragic death of his mother. He told this in a documentary about the death of Princess Diana, who is called "Diana, 7 days".

"One of the hardest things to live with is that the people who pushed her" into the tunnel "are the same ones who shot her while she was dying in the back of the car," Harry said after the crash his mother had head wounds, but that she was still alive.

His elder brother, Prince William, also spoke about the death of Diana.

"When you are so traumatic at the age of 15, such as your mother's death, it will make you stronger or break you, I did not want to let it break me," William said.

Princess Diana died in 2008 in a car accident at the Pont de l'Alma Tunnel in Paris. The accident happened just as she fled the paparazzi that haunted her, but the court only admitted to her drinker who was under the influence of alcohol.

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