See which band Michael Jackson has dethroned and become the best selling US BLITZ

The question: "Who is the best selling music album in history?" there has been the same answer for years. In any case as far as the world is concerned, Prince Michael Michael Jackson & # 39; s & # 39; Thriller & # 39;

In the United States, however, the King of Pope was overthrown by the throne. Their compilation "The Greatest Hits (1971-1975), The Eagles, is now in first place in the best selling albums in the US with a total of 38 million copies sold." Thriller "remains second with 33 million copies.

Don Henley from The Eagles thanks on behalf of the entire group of lovers, partners and fans for the success achieved over the past 46 years.

The new data contains statistics about streaming albums on the internet. According to the rules of the American Recording Industry Association (RIAA), 1500 auditions on the album online or 10 legally downloaded numbers are equal to one sale of a physical copy.

The RIAA also confirms that the third place after "Thriller" is another album from The Eagles – "Hotel California" from 1977

This is good news for the band, who came in the news last year with her plans to sue a Mexican hotel called "Hotel California". According to The Eagles, the hotel actively encouraged guests to believe that the whereabouts had something to do with the group.


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