Sharon Stone broke up with his young friend

The 60-year-old Sharon Stone has split up with her younger friend, the 41-year-old Angelo Boffa. The soon to be released Star Instinct star shared hot recordings in the style of Paul Vernon & # 39; s movie. So she proved again that she looked impeccable, but apparently it did not help her keep the man next to him.

Bofe himself explained that he had split up a couple of months ago with the actress. He said: "When a man meets a woman who is younger than that – it is normal for our society, it seems to me that in 2018 it is now necessary to have equality on the issue of society's attitude towards women. Age is not important If two people like it, there are feelings between them ", says OK Magazine.

He called Sharon a shockingly beautiful woman with an inner, rich soul. But he also explained that they were not together for several months.

A connection between the two was heard when Sharon and Angelo were noticed by paparazzi to rest in Miami together.

Stone has two marriages behind him – Phil Bronstein (1998-2004) and Michael Greenberg (1984-1990). The actress has three children – Roan Bronstein, Quinn Stone and Layard Stone.

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