Stefan Valdobrev blows the Old with "Lighter"

Stefan Valdobrev + The usual suspects + Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra = Eternal, unforgettable love and discount voucher. This mathematical equation becomes the key to one of the smartest and most artistic concerts among the hills. On 28 August at 21:00 in the old theater the usual suspects and the orchestra of the Plovdiv opera promise entertainment from the classroom and it will pass under the slogan "Later"

This tour is different, it is symphonic, honest, poetic, pathetic. It is something that we have not done so far, something great that inspires me and that I can not wait to start. I'm sure you'll love it very much. Imagine all our big hits, played by our five and the Symphony Orchestra of the Plovdiv Opera, shared with your fans Stefan Valdobrev. He revealed that the 18 songs were beautifully arranged by the composer in Amsterdam Zahari Kovatchev, and the conductor was another young man who graduated from the United States – Konstantin Dobreikov.

The public has the opportunity to share the music with us. If you decide to come, you will not regret it – we promise it! This project is one of my dreams that come true ", Stefan Valdobrev added, together with his talented actor and singer on stage, his star colleague Stoyan Yankulov – Stundji, Veselin Veselinov-Eco, Ivan Lechev and Miroslav Ivanov .

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