The native showbizz swings through Europe, Emilia and Bashur do not stop – Blitz

The indigenous celebrities gave themselves a well-deserved rest. For the first time in years, Emilia spent 20 days relaxed at the height of the season. Her singer and husband, George Bashur, went to a honeymoon in Italy, reports Telegraph. This was published by the singer who placed photos on the social network and marked a famous boutique in Rome

"Endless honeymoon", wrote Miss Bulgaria Antonia Petrova, which was celebrated by neighboring Greece. She and her husband, Ivailo Batinkov, do not stop traveling.

Popfan performer Krum celebrated his 32nd birthday in France. He confessed that he had left with his partner and his best friends. Then he will give a short break to the native Black Sea.

Lust! The singer Andrea stroked her cheeks and showed hot meat and grain!

Michaela Filinova went on an exciting experience and went around the Balkans for the first time with a tent up to Vienna for a concert by Ed Sheeron

Michaela Marinova blew for Greece together with the footballer Alexander Dyulgerov . They rest only a week because their obligations are not delayed

At the same time, her colleague Hristina, better known as Tita, will spend her holiday in Turkey in the company of her boyfriend, Viktorio

Paul and Ventsi Vents preferred the indigenous people Black Sea because they spend most of their time in Lozenets, where Ventsarsky has its own bar.

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