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The film "The Visible" is the Bulgarian proposal for an Oscar for a foreign metal film for 2019.

An eleven-member committee with President Vladimir Andreev has nominated the Bulgarian proposal for the 91st Oscar Award for Foreign Film by AFA as the "Ubiquitous" film.

The tape has already won several awards.


The co-production of Miramar Film and New Broadcasting Group triumphed at the most prestigious Golden Rose festival in 2017, where they won five big prizes. In addition to awarding the best film, the best male and female role, the Almighty & # 39; also the prices and public prizes, which is a precedent in the history of the festival.

The band received two prizes at the 22nd International Film Festival Sofia Film Fest. The film won the Bulgarian Film Critics & Guild Award for the Balkan film and the prize of the international association of professional film critics and journalists FIPRESCI.

The current theme of personal space and the transformation of new surveillance technologies into the scourge of modern society is central to the plot of "The Almipotent". The film tells Emil Borilov, who shoots life around him, but he falls into the trap of a dangerous addiction to the lives and fate of trusted, trusted and accidental people. His desire to control everyone around him and determine his future will lead to unpredictable turns.

"I have a terribly big ego in the film and I live with the thought that I can be impregnable to be the almighty." Her character is an artist and writer who seeks inspiration for her next book, because the first has been very successful, "he says about his character the actor Velislav Pavlov, who already knows the audience as Dr. Dr. Mario Kovachev from the fifth season from the hit series "Stolen Life: A Critical Point".

Velislav is part of the "All-Knowing" with the actresses Teodora Dhovnovova and Vesela Baninova, and the stars are supplemented by Anastasia Lyutova, Toni Minasan, Mihail Mutafov, Boris Lukanov, Irma Chichikova, Valeri Rangelov, Maria Slavcheva and Georgi Staykov.

"The theme of" The Omniscient "took place four years ago with director Ilian Djevelekov, but we left behind the idea that the hero filmed what happened to him, not to mention, and then we immersed ourselves in the technological motives for breakthrough in the spirit, "reveals the screenwriter and producer of the new Bulgarian film Matthew Konstantinov.

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