The queen fired her first lady, openly admitting that she was gay

The first British Queen Elizabeth II's official, who openly acknowledged his homosexual orientation …

The queen fired her first lady, openly admitting that she was gay
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The first assistant of Queen Elizabeth II, who openly acknowledging his homosexuality, was reduced to his office because "it attracts too much public attention", reported in Daily Mail.

The duties of 21-year-old Oli Roberts include joining the monarch in her carriage rides and carrying out small orders, such as picking up mail at Buckingham Palace and strolling along Queen's favorite dog corners. However, he was reduced by the prestigious position of first lieutenant after the royal family had been informed about the increased attention for the young man and various articles about him in some gay magazines.

A well-known source of Buckingham Palace claims that Ollie was called for a conversation in which he was told that he was not in the palace to draw attention to himself. A few days later, the young man resigned and left his position, unhappy about his attitude towards him.

The queen's former queen first appeared in the public space in June during the revision of the traditional troop, standing in the carriage just behind the queen. He then accompanied the monarch during the Royal Ascot race. The nomination of Roberts-born Roberts to this prestigious position was praised by the Gay and Lesbian Association in the country as a new page in the history of the royal family, which uses a more modern approach for people with different sexual orientation. / BGNES

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