They auction a rich collection of Merlin Monroe articles

Two of Marilyn Monroe's favorite personal dresses are shown for all times alongside movie dresses and images of different ages of the sex game

The organizers also have signed autographs of the actress as the boss of the film studio "Twenty Sentry Fox" "Ben Lion.

Joe Maddalena, historian: he asked her: "Who is your father?" She replied, "I do not know, but I think his family is Monroe." Well, Monroe is a solid name, said Ben Lion, who was in love with actress Marilyn Miller, who died at the age of 35, and was born as the legend Marilyn Monroe. We have a picture with the inscription "Dear Ben, you found me, you gave me my name and I believe it when no one else does."

The script of "Cursed seven years" with notes from Monroe will also be offered for sale, as well as her cult white dress from the same movie. Auction is scheduled for October, date not reported

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