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On May 25, 1901, the 41-year-old Anton Chekhov devised a brother with actress Olga Kniper, and the wedding brought a big surprise to the friend and family of the writer. At that time, Chekhov is known in Russia as Tolstoy. He has the glory of a passionate lover who has experienced more than 30 things. Moreover, everyone knows that Chekhov was a frequent visitor to the local borders. He had an absolute fear of binding, and so many women were injured and had the misfortune of falling in love with the writer. And then Chekhov suddenly marries.

Olga is a Russian of the second generation with German roots. She comes from a bourgeois family and always dreamed to become an actress. With great difficulty he manages to make his way and shine on stage. He meets Chekhov when he is part of the group of the radical Moscow Art Theater. She falls in the eye of the writer in 1898, during the performance "Chaika", where Olga is in the role of Irina Arcadina. A young and cheerful girl with a difficult life, which is expected to attract Czechovs.

Their affair began in 1899, but was obscured by the writer's disease – tuberculosis. Chekhov is a doctor and knows the inevitable and deadly end of the disease very well. The disease began to deepen and Chekhov felt the impending end. Maybe that's what led him to close a holy union.

Despite her husband's tuberculosis, Knipper-dedicated, capable, energetic, and endlessly ambitious-could never close and take care of the sick Chekhov. The actress has a career in Moscow. However, due to Chekhov's almost ruined lungs, the writer had to run away from the icy winter winters in Russia that he spent in Crimea. He buys his house and only returns to Moscow, St. Petersburg and his wife when time permits.

Their love has become a marriage from a distance where they correspond almost every day. Thanks to this correspondence between them, Chekhov's life scientists are able to understand the truth that obscures the rest of the writer's life and he can end his short-term marriage with Olga. The details around him will only become clear after the December issue of Anton Chekhov's Lifebook (1997) by Donald Riffle.

Olga and her husband often talk about coming up with a baby. Something that seems rather difficult if you live apart on half continent. From time to time the actress took leave of the theater and took the train to spend a few days with her husband.

The important visit took place in February 1902.

Olga Kniper arrived on February 23 and left in four days. Chekhov and his wife have not been seen since October 1901 – that is almost 5 months. During these 4 days, the two spent their time together trying to make Olga pregnant.

On 1 March, the actress wrote a letter describing how he got bad on the train – Moscow, with stomach pain and nausea. On 24 March Olga again complained about the same symptoms. A few days later she was hospitalized after failure. Doctors reported that they had made a miscarriage that was surgically removed.

And here Olga is cooling down …

The actress says that the baby was conceived during the four days of the groom who spent Chekhov and I in Crimea. According to her, the pregnancy should be in the sixth week. However, a miscarriage in the sixth week would not require surgical intervention by doctors. Chekhov is a doctor and should be well aware of it. The writer knows very well that pregnancy has no symptoms so early. The pains that Olga experienced and the following conditions … were pretty mysterious.

The actress really had a child, but she was in a much more advanced pregnancy. And the father certainly was not Chekhov. Survey data in March 1902 shows that Olga was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, reportedly the fruit in the eighth or tenth week. This suggests that the conception took place sometime in January, when Chekhov and his wife were more than 1,000 miles away. from each other.

Who is the father of the unborn child?

Letters show that Olga with great excitement named the actor Alexander Vishnevski. The two started writing letters at the beginning of 1901. Others, however, believed that Olga had an affair with another – one of the directors in the theater – Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. The two had a relationship before Olga met Chekhov.

After the actress recovered from her operation in August, Chekhov stayed for about two years. They keep in touch and are relatively rare. After the success of Anton Chechevsky's last play, Vishneva Garden, in 1904, Olga himself offered both to make a romantic trip to Germany in July. There, Chekhov died of tuberculosis at the age of 44.

After his death, Olga tells about their marriage with love and leaves all uncomfortable and ugly details of him. The true story of their love is just beginning to come.

In her memoirs, the actress writes: "Throughout my life I have achieved my goals and I have never regretted it."

Olga Knipper died at the age of 19 in 1959

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