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Prostitution is said to be the oldest female profession. Barely. But certainly – one of the most experienced. The truth is that women in the past did not always have a different choice to survive in the difficult times in which they were born.

In another reading of the word, however, a "prostitute" was a highly educated and intelligent woman with qualities far beyond that of the ordinary, writes woman.bg. Despite the idea that the heterosexual / courtesan / geisha mainly performed sexual services, this is far from the case.
If we compare the Venetian courtesan with each other, the heath of Helada and the geisha of Japan, they all look like two (in this case three) drops of water – despite the gigantic time and space between them. The most developed and erudite, the most interesting and the witty, the most popular and the well-known women from the past are these women. The heath / courtesan / geisha was the owner of a unique, enviable female status in the once chauvinistic men's world. In some regions she has reached the status of an artist who has the skills of entertainment and conversation. In others she was a famous singer, a dancer, a musician, a diplomat or even an intelligence officer. At a time when only men had jobs and women were only women, only the courtesan's identity allowed. For in the past all attractive women who practice intellectual professions came under the heading of "courtesans." Let's get to know them – the most famous courtesans in the history of mankind:

Aspasia (470 – 400 BC)

One of the most remarkable in beauty, mind and reading women in Greece during the classical period. As one of the most popular and popular in ancient times. In the beginning she was a friend, and then Pericles & # 39; second wife (490-429 BC). At home she collected artists, poets, philosophers. She is known as patron of art and science. She was Socrat's favorite. Some historians believe that she was even his teacher.

Freina (365-310 BC)

Freina is one of the most famous heterias in ancient Athens. My favorite is one of the most famous ancient Greek artists. It was a muse by Praxitel and Apelles. It is supposed to have posed for the photo Aphrodite Anadio. She has built up a huge fortune with which she financed construction and reconstruction in Athens. It is said that the Athenians, after her death, as a sign of respect and respect for her person, have built an enormous golden statue.

Veronica Franco (1546 – 1591)

Franco was a talented medieval poet, writer and … a courtesan in Venice in the 16th century. She was a favorite of the most influential men in the city. She stood out with her extraordinary intelligence and legibility. Her most popular customer was the King of France, Henri III. Veronica Franco has even established a charitable organization to support the children of the courtesans. At the end of her life she was condemned for witchcraft, but thanks to the intervention of influential figures, the charges dropped. She is poor and has left her life.

Nel Gwyn (1650 – 1687)

Daughter is the owner of a café. Initially she delivered messages to clients of her courtesans in the theater and after she had reached the age of majority she began to serve them. In the theater he meets the British king Charles II and becomes his mistress. Gradually he gets a lot of attention in the royal court. He gives birth to two unauthorized sons of the king and arranges the title of each of them. Later she became an actress and an important initiator of the establishment of the Royal Military Hospital in London.

Sally Salisbury (1692 – 1724)

Sarah, a native of the same name, is a prominent prostitute at the beginning of the 18th century in London, a lover of remarkable members of society. Because of his beauty and humor, Sally has won many customers. The whole aristocracy is conquered by its charm, among its patrons and customers are Secretary of State Wisconsin Bollingbrook, Duke of Richmond, poet and diplomat Matthew Primer, and future king of Great Britain George II. In 1713 she was convicted of minor crimes and debts and sent to prison, but shortly afterwards she was dismissed by the judge who was blinded by her charm. In 1722, a wounded client stabbed him with a knife and was sentenced to a year in prison but died nine months later.

Madame de Bari (1743 – 1793)

The monastic cell in which she was sent by her parents did not seem dear to Barry. That is why not long after, the disobedient 13-year-old girl escaped to Paris. In the capital of France, Marie was forced into prostitution and became a model. One of her clients, Count de Barry, pulled the coroner from the street and brought her to his castle. After they had made the mistake of enchanting her with Ludwik XV, the beauties were immediately threatened in the king's arms to become one of the world's most famous courtesans.

Cora Pearl (1835 – 1886)

Eliza Emma Crouch was born in Plymouth in 1835 and became one of the most famous courtesans of the Second French Empire under the name Cora Pearl. Her name was so great that her name was included in Sir Lesley Stephen's national bibliography. In 1864 he rented a castle to make it one of the most luxurious and attractive nightlife of the aristocrats. Organizes unprecedented performances in which she is the star – she is offered, naked lying on a huge silver bowl sprinkled with parsley. Another time he dances naked in a bed full of orchids, or bathes in champagne or whipped cream – all attractive ways to be noticed. So outrageous, shocking and memorable that in 1867 she launched her own drink – "Tears of Pearl Cora". This boldness made her more of a cultural celebrity than a regular courtesan. The whole of Paris talks about her. Over time, her luxurious lifestyle remains only a dream because of her enthusiasm about age and gambling. She is increasingly sought after by her wealthy men and eventually ends up in complete misery. She died of gastric cancer on 8 July 1886.

Lulu White (1868 – 1931)

Lulu is the symbol of public houses in New Orleans in the early 1900s. She is not only a prostitute, but an entrepreneur who has developed the most successful public house in the city. An eccentric figure known for his love of expensive jewelry, successful business ventures and his criminal history in the 1880s. It is known for its enormous passion for jazz. There is also a special jazz club in the city.

Mineko Ivasaki (born 1949)

There is no way to overcome the geisha, and Mineko Iwasaki is recognized as the most famous geisha of the 20th century. In the sixties and seventies he was one of the most influential companions in Kyoto, Japan. It is her story based on the movie The Memoirs of a Geisha. She is currently retired and lives in Kyoto. In 1978, Iwasaki was disappointed in the traditional traditions related to the geisha world. She realizes that this lifestyle creates gaps in the education of girls. And unexpectedly, at the height of his geisha career, he retires at the age of 29. Later he started an art career. In 1982 she married an artist and her only child was born in 1983.

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