Your horoscope before August 20

Astrology is a science that studies the interaction between the sun, the moon and the other planets, and their impact on life, people and the causes of events that take place on Earth. The astrologer sees these aspects and analyzes them.

Every day at we offer you a horoscope, prepared by astrologer Petya Georgieva.


Focus on activities with a long-term result. Create strategies, give sources. Details are important, so it is advisable to summarize and classify them.


You are charming and your energy is stable. If you do not allow others to continually distract you, you can continue without help. Consider the speeches so that you do not harm your image.


The more work you have, the busier you are, the better you do it. Combine mental and physical work to prevent distraction. Pay attention to your loved ones, someone needs cooperation, or at least your sympathy.


You do not even have a minute of free time. They will constantly keep you busy with a number of "small" tasks that will not be that simple. But do not refuse to get a job done.


Every event or conversation takes you back to previous events. You will remember old mistakes or old quarrels. It is not worth going too deep in the past, in any case it will not go back.


You will encounter some difficulties today, but you will also know who could help you. It will be a little difficult to find a convincing opportunity for a meeting or a call. Think again if you give too much human hope and what would happen if you refuse to cooperate.


You are not in a position to control events, so you can concentrate and watch better. Some questions will turn out to be more complicated than you thought, but that does not mean you have to give up. The appropriate option is to change the tactic.


Do not mind the comments they make. You may try to circumvent rules and you will fall into the trap of your own negligence. Accept that others are trying to protect you, not to harm you.


You will probably have to make an unpleasant choice between what you want and what you want. The situation is not entirely up to you, it is related to external factors. Respect the limitations, but express your opinion unhindered. So everyone will understand that you are responsible, even if you do not agree.


Try to conduct complex conversations in an informal setting. Your discussion partners will feel much more relaxed and will therefore be more honest. Silent silence to understand all the information you need.


Take care of yourself before you go anywhere. You can not do a too drastic experiment with your appearance. Your contacts today are such that it does not matter what an impression you make.


Talk to someone you know and will impress you. It will make you think about your personal positions, opportunities and ambitions. Very useful, because you will understand that some of the difficulties are in and out of you and you can handle it.

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