Almost 100 people have been living with the HIV virus since the beginning of the year

According to statistics, infected people in Bulgaria are over 2800

Almost 100 people have been infected with the HIV virus since the beginning of the year, says Radosveta Stamenkova, executive director of the Bulgarian family planning and sexual health association. But at the same time there are 2810 people in the registry who carry the virus. Some of these people have died, others do not live in Bulgaria. There are also those who are not registered. Most infected people are men.

There is no vaccine against HIV, but a lot of progress has been made in the treatment. The therapy has changed over the years, and if it happens on time, the patient lives for decades. Prevention is therefore extremely important. Unfortunately, many people do not distinguish between HIV and AIDS.

Yulia Andonova of Pulse Foundation said that this can be avoided because the state takes action after the Global Fund for AIDS Aids withdraws from our country.

She noted that attempts to disrupt the debate with the Istanbul Convention did not help the victims of domestic violence, but rather the opposite. Much of our society was manipulated by our own fears, she said.

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