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Scientists say that some vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli and cabbage can reduce the risk of colon cancer, the BBC reported.

The fact that cabbage is good for the intestines has never been questioned, but the explanation of why it is useful was not accurate.

The team at the Francis Crick Institute has discovered anti-cancer compounds that can be made by the body, while vegetables are digested by digestion.

"Cancer Research in the UK" said there are many reasons for eating more vegetables.

Like the skin, the surface of the intestine is continuously restored in a process that takes four to five days.

But this constant renewal must be strictly controlled, otherwise it can cause inflammation of the gut or cancer.

The study, published in the journal Immunitet, showed that compounds in cruciferous vegetables are of vital importance.

"This study of mice shows that not only the fibers in vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage reduce the risk of cancer of the intestines but also molecules found in these vegetables."

"Further research will help to see whether the molecules in these vegetables have the same effect on people, but in the meantime there are sufficient reasons to eat more vegetables."

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