How many hours of sleep are needed for a healthy heart

There are many studies on how many hours of the night we have to sleep to be healthy. Sleep is another mystery – why we sleep, why and how sleep affects our health, scientists are still trying to understand.

But a new, far-reaching study confirms the well-known rule that we have to sleep every night between six and eight o'clock to prevent an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes.

It turns out that not only the lack of sleep, but also the too long time in bed is dangerous for health. Scientists have discovered that people who sleep less than six hours a night have an 11% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and that the risk for those who sleep longer than eight hours is 33%.

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It is known that sleep affects the immune system, the metabolism of glucose and blood pressure, and these factors are of direct importance to the functions and health of our cardiovascular system.

Too long sleep can be a cause of health deterioration or a symptom of undiagnosed disease.

Brain stroke or stroke is also a condition that is caused by a deteriorated state of health of the cardiovascular system.

If we add physical exercise and healthy eating to the right number of hours of sleep, the risk is further reduced, says And in this case prevention is the best treatment.

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