How to learn to live without sugar?

Every cute lover knows firsthand how hard it is to stop buying chocolate or how hard it is to go through the bakery where the smell of freshly baked croissants comes from and to keep the temptation. How do we learn to live without sugar, live in harmony with ourselves, without craving for sweets?

Of course, giving up sugar is exactly the same as signing a contract, writes psychologies. There is no way without him. Glucose is the most important energy for cells, it is needed, such as air and water. Without it, we fall into a depression, cry for no reason, we feel sober, life brings no joy, Tialoto says.

But instead of consuming glucose from useful products such as vegetables, fruit and grains, we attack sweets, carbonated drinks. We choose what gives us immediate pleasure. As a result, we expect obesity, energy loss, skin problems. The photo is not inspiring for optimism.

We look for the reason

The desire for jam has many causes, psychologically and physiologically.
Especially we want jam when we experience stress – a crisis in the relationship, the work does not go well. Influence on the appetite for sweet also exerts a physical burden, here on both poles – too much or insufficiently. Candies compensate for boredom, dissatisfaction, emotional burn-out.

Use water

The strong thirst is like being hungry. Similar is the situation with sugar products. You want candy – drink a glass of water. He has to help. But know the size – excess liquid can lead to the opposite effect and cause hunger for jam.

A memory of the past

If you know that scents evoke memories of the past, you must understand this point. Sometimes products are associated with something that is pleasing from childhood, adolescence, some very important periods in life. And then it is extremely difficult to resist. Alternatively, you can find a healthier version of your favorite dish.

Seasonal mood

Did you notice that in the spring we quickly reduce the diet to a lighter version? Leaf salads, lots of fruit and vegetables. The total emotional recovery is paid. We completely forget about candy. But with the beginning of autumn, everything returns to its place: depression, drowsiness, irresistible urge for something sugar.

Hormonal fluctuations

Unusual eating habits are seen in many women during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. All this is the guilty unstable level of male and female sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen.

We are looking for a solution

Where does the sugar come from? This is very simple. Natural sugar is found in vegetables, fruit and grains. It is much lighter and more useful than refined, gives the necessary energy reserve for a long time, combines with other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, useful acids and fibers.

The greatest difficulty for those who dare to leave the sweet is to learn to distinguish between sugar in healthy food. And here it is a good idea to try to clean up your palette. First of all, the receptors will not detect natural glucose, but gradually when the body gets rid of the surplus, you will feel a different taste of the food. And it is possible that they look sweeter than your favorite candy.

Here are seven products that will alleviate the need for harmful confectionery:


The fig is delicious and raw, but dried – much sweeter. Gives a pleasant satiety feeling quickly and permanently. But there is a danger – dry figs are quite calories: 100 g contain 214 calories. If you have left the candy for the figure, you have to be moderate.


This summer fruit is already peaceful in the middle of winter. It is equally good in both fresh and frozen form. It has many substances that help to burn fat, rich in antioxidants: vitamin C and elagic acid, which prevents aging of the skin.


This fruit is a stock of vitamins, including antioxidants and much needed fiber. Thanks to the enormous amount of B vitamins, apples help reduce stress and significantly improve memory. This is one of the best and most useful snacks throughout the day, as well as the perfect diet for diabetics.


The most popular snacks for snacks. Bananas contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is a report of the potassium content that is responsible for the work of the muscles, maintains acid and water balance, as well as blood pressure. A banana quickly suppresses the appetite and stimulates normal digestion. It also contains a lot of calories, so do not take advantage of it to eat at night.


Pumpkin is the best ally in the fight against aging. It has a lot of fiber but very few calories, making it the perfect product for those who want to divide their weight.


Very useful for the immune system, heart and blood vessels. The substances in the pore contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, reducing the risk of strokes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. The pomegranate is very useful for the joints and protects the skin perfectly against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.


Carrots contain a lot of fiber, antioxidants and beta-carotene, a substance that is beneficial for health and beauty. If you drink a glass of carrot juice daily before going to the sea, the color will be tan and last longer. For better assimilation of vitamins and nutrients do not forget to add a drop of cream or vegetable oil to the juice beaker.

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