Prof. dr. Kantardzhiev explained viral flu infections in the autumn – BLITZ

It is too early to say that the flu is in the country, Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, director of the national center for infectious diseases and parasitic diseases, told Bulgaria in the air.

In his words, many people now complain of sore throat, dry cough and fatigue. Prof. dr. Kantardjiev explained that these are manifestations of the respiratory and viral infections that are characteristic of the autumn season but that are by no means flu.

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"In the National Center for Infectious Diseases we have proven that parafry-3 is now known as Respirovirus-3, a disease that is much lighter than the flu, and much easier to use without complications," Professor Kantardjiev said.

He also explained that in order to protect ourselves against a flu disease, where many complications are possible, it is best to get a vaccine in October. In his words vaccination does not mean that we do not get sick, but that there are no complications. "November starts the circulation of influenza viruses, the number of cases increases in December and usually the peak is midway or late January," adds Kantardzhiev.

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The epidemiologist also added that the percentage of vaccinations in Bulgaria is very low, although this is mandatory for many people to avoid complications.

According to him, a major problem in the flu season is a closed house and lack of ventilation, and if children in kindergartens spend most of the time, the infection will be much less.

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