Proud! A Bulgarian scientist is part of an international team that fights cancer – BLITZ

Bulgarian scientist is part of an international team looking for new ways to fight cancer,

Dr. Peter Kalev is a molecular biologist who investigates cancer. He graduated in Bulgaria and specialized in Belgium and Harvard. Now he is working on making medication for treatment by so-called "target therapy."

"That is, deliberately making medicines that take into account the genetic characteristics of the patient and his malignant organism, for example, if the patient has specific mutations, we can develop drugs that influence the growth of cancer cells based on this information. he explains.

Peter Kalev is one of the scientists who have been successful in studying Ewing's sarcoma – a type of bone cancer that primarily affects children and adolescents. Tests conducted at the Boston Children & # 39; s Hospital show that sarcoma cells die off when an enzyme called CDK12 is discarded genetically or chemically

"We are working in large collaborative projects with Western Europe and China that enable us to" [19659003] Target therapies are also implemented in Bulgaria which are effective in patients with breast, kidney, colon and lung carcinoma

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