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The state of mind of a woman can be fucked by lots of things – extra pounds, cellulitis, wrinkles … But what in no way can influence her mental state is sex!

Recently, the Association of American Psychologists interviewed anonymously in women aged 28-55 from different social groups. The question the ladies had to answer was the following: "How much sex do you need to satisfy you sexually?"

The results were overwhelming, and the most common answer sounded like this: "The more, the better!"

By learning about the experiment of their American counterparts, other psychologists have decided to do such research in their own country. Sex studies have been conducted in England, France, Germany, Italy. Can you guess what was the most common reaction that professionals received? That's right – "The more, the better!"

Ah, these women! Who would have guessed that the gentleman does not think less about sex than men! And maybe this data is the result of the sexual revolution?

How much sex do we need to be healthy?

The sexual contacts that we need to be healthy depend on the age of the person. After many years of patient observations, it has become clear that:

• From 20-25 years – 4 times a week

• From 25-30 years – 3 times a week

• 30-40 years – twice a week

• 40-50 years – less than once a week

• 50-60 years – once every 2 weeks

• More than 60 years – at least once a month

His position on statistics is also a connoisseur of Eastern philosophy. He says: "Every woman's health is enough to have enough sex to feel healthy enough."

How much sex does a lady need to be happy? This is another issue. Here everything is individual.

The maximum "quantity – in quality"

Now many of you will surely read and think, "Is everything in quantity?" Of course not! But do not forget the philosophical law that the quantity invariably leads to quality. If you do not get satisfaction from your sexual contacts, do not give up! Every woman can improve sex. We will not lie that this is extremely confusing, but if you apply patience and ingenuity, you will finally be able to get satisfaction. But if there is not enough … What can we talk about?

Natural sex therapy

Nowadays everyone is so educated about sex that we hardly have to talk about the dangers it hides (unwanted pregnancies, infections, trauma). However, it is worth mentioning some of the benefits that can bring us (except for the ultimate delight of course).

Experts say that regular sex life reduces the risk of heart disease. The chance of heart attacks and strokes is reduced twice. In regular sex life, the circulation process is much more effective and contributes to a full flow of blood to all organs, i. E. for their complete operation.

Moreover, regular sex provides good motor skills, a kind of gymnastics for the muscles of the whole body, allowing them to maintain their vital tone. In regular sex, the calorie burning process is normalized; Regularly releases endorphins, better known as the hormone happiness; increases immunity, which means that sex is a very good prevention against all diseases, viruses and epidemics.

High hormonal activity is very good for the condition of the skin, hair, teeth and nails. If you have sex, do not stop rejuvenating! And you will never suffer from depression and other mental and nervous disorders.

Do not be afraid to be sexual! Do not worry that you often want to make love, but you do not want sexual intercourse. This is really a crash! But in this case you should not dramatize! Everything is fixable. Start by following the maximum amount – in quality.

Whatever problems you have, the recipe is one: sex has to be done!

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