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Carbohydrates are usually mentioned as the main culprits for overweight, high blood sugar levels, diabetes risk. Not all carbohydrates, however, are our enemies. Fruits and vegetables are among the useful carbohydrates, which also have a number of other beneficial substances in their composition.

When we try to lead a healthy lifestyle and have optimum weight, we usually emphasize vegetables and salads.

Some vegetables, however, are our secret enemies, because they can be the basis for the failure of your weight loss.

What are these vegetables, see in the following rows.


Another useful vegetable that you can fill is beetroot. It is composed of carbohydrates, starch and saturated sugars. The body absorbs the sugars as quickly as possible, causing the blood sugar level to rise. This leads to a metabolic response of the pancreas. It releases large amounts of insulin, which remains unused by the cells. As a result, carbohydrates are stored in the form of fat instead of releasing energy.

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Cucumbers are called one of the most nutritious vegetables because they are mainly composed of fiber, water and carbohydrates. Fiber, however, is in large concentrations in the bark of the cucumber. By peeling it, we remove dietary fiber that lowers blood sugar levels and helps to absorb carbohydrates.


This root vegetable is extremely useful. Rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, fibers, which are otherwise dietetic. But the big problem with carrots is their natural sweetness coming from the sugars in their composition.


Pumpkin is one of the sugar vegetables. Her sweetness is a favorite of many. It is considered one of the good vegetables. The problem is quantity. If we eat more pumpkin, this increases the calorie intake of the day several times, resulting in extra kilos.

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Potatoes are the vegetables with the highest glycemic index. In their composition is a large amount of starch, which is a big risk of weight gain and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are considered useful because their glycemic index is lower, as is the starch content. In the composition they are closer to the pumpkin than to the traditional potato varieties. However, they are relatively rich in carbohydrates and if you consume them, it should be in smaller quantities.


If you want to lose weight, it is better to turn off the corn on your menu. It contains fairly large amounts of quickly digestible sugars that prevent fat burning. Also, these carbohydrates provoke overexpression of insulin, resulting in increased levels of cortisol. This stress hormone is responsible for obtaining extra fat.


Peas are rich in many substances that the body needs. Some of them are carbohydrates that the body absorbs quickly. However, they also contain a large amount of starch, which adds extra calories and runs the risk of becoming fat.

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Yams (Mexican sweet potato)

Yams is a variety of sweet potatoes, a special variety grown in Mexico, a family of sweet potatoes. As a result, yams carry the same risks for your waist because it is rich in sugars and calories. The bitter eating of this vegetable may be one of the reasons that you do not fight the kilos.

Baked vegetables

Even if you have chosen the most useful vegetables for your table, if they are fried, the excess calories they carry are automatically too large. Avoid the fried. Try a number of alternatives, such as fried vegetables or steamed.

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